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Featured in the June 2014 Entrepreneur Magazine, I was recently named an "Innovator to Watch" by the USC Stevens Center for Innovation and a "New News Entrepreneur" by the Paley Center for Media. In a sentence, I am an entrepreneurial digital and media strategist driven by a desire to make a game-changing difference in how people consume content.

With an award-winning start up under my belt, I have extensive experience in strategic partnership affiliation, digital strategy, content monetization, and social media integration across traditional and new media platforms. Prior founding Stroome, the web's first collaborative video editing and publishing platform designed to simplify the production of user generated video, I created over 100 hours of programming at HBO, VH1, DreamWorks and Blaze Television.

A recognized expert in the field of collaborative media and the evolving state of online video, I have over 15 years in film, television, advertising, public relations and new media industries. Currently, I am working with several startups in the digital space, helping with business development, audience acquisition and content strategy. 

As a result of my work with these innovative and pioneering startups, I'm reporting back on what I've seen in a 10-part series on early stage entrepreneurship. A few of the more popular videos are below.

Who I am.

"5 Keys to a Killer Presentation"

"The Difference Between Innovation and Invention"

"The Difference Between a Pivot and a Reboot"

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