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What I know.


National Conference for Media Reform 2011
"Getting out the Silo: Editing Video as a Community"

Paley Center for Media International Conference 2010
“Search for the Next Big Thing: The New News Entrepreneurs"

Tech Zulu 2010
"Spotlight: LA Tech"

The Open Video Conference 2010

"Open Video Innovation in Journalism"

Peer to Peer University 2010
"Open Journalism & the Open Web"

MIT Center for Future Civic Media 2010
“Simplifying the Production of News Video”

A recognized expert on collaborative media and the evolving state of online video, here are a few places where I've passed on what I know.

Entrepreneur Magazine

"How Do You Bring Innovation to Market?" June 2014


"Cooperative Online Video Editing" June 11, 2012

"Crowdsourced Video Is On The Rise" April 21, 2011

"Interview with Tom Grasty, Stroome" June 30, 2010

USC Stevens Center for Innovation
"Media Content Creator Helping Students Create Content Online" August 5, 2009



The Huffington Post
Contributor to Media, Technology, Business verticals

PBS Media Shift | Idea Lab
Guest blogger, Digital Media


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